How to choose an electric heater?
Release Time :2022/10/30
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From the way of heating methods, there are several common electric heaters, including oil filled-type, fan-type, infrared electric-type and convection-type heaters. Each heater has different heating methods and its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for use in different home environments.

Let's talk to you about the difference between these types of electric heaters, and then you will know what kind of electric heater to choose is the most suitable for you.

1.Infrared Electric Heater 


It uses far-infrared quartz tube / halogen tube /carbon tubes or new heating tube materials are used for heating, and the heat transfer method is to radiate heat from the reflector.


Advantages: cheap price, instant hot, strong penetrating power, as long as you stand in front of the product, you can feel the heat immediately

Disadvantages: poor ability to diffuse heat, only local heating, high power consumption, and too bright light affects person's eyes .

2.Oil Filled Radiator/ Oil Column Heaters  


Oil filled-type electric heater, the main action material is internal heat transfer oil. When the power is turned on, the heat transfer oil around the electric heating pipe is heated, rises to the upper part of the cavity, circulates convection along the heat pipe or heat sink, and radiates the heat through the surface of the cavity wall, thereby heating the space environment. The power and the number of heat sinks are adjusted according to the length of the heating pipe.


Advantages: heat transfer oil does not need to be replaced, long service life, sustainable heating, slow temperature loss after shutdown.

Disadvantages: It needs to heat the heat transfer oil first, and then realize heating through the heat transfer oil, so the heating speed is slow and the power consumption is large. In addition, oil towns with poor sealing performance are prone to oil leakage and reduce product life.

3.Fan Heater ( Ceramic heater / Electric heating wire heater )




This is also a type of electric heater that we often see in the market. They are generally small and convenient. by heating electric heating wire or ceramic heating elements and other heating materials to achieve rapid heating, and the heating is transported into the air by the blowing method of the fan. The heating is fast, and most of the fan-type electric heaters have the function of shaking head. Compared with the the Oil filled radiator & Convector Heater, they can only be used for fixed heating, the heating of the fan is more flexible and faster.

Advantages: quick to feel the hot wind and temperature rise, and the room can also heat up very quickly. The ceramic elements are waterproof and most products can be used in the bathroom.

Disadvantages: a little noisy and the room will be dry. If the heating wire of the electric heater is of poor quality, it is easy to cause fire or short circuit.


4.Convector Heater



This kind of electric heater can be called a convection electric heater, and its shape is flat and long, the volume is slightly larger. The cold air enters through the lower air inlet, is heated and rises and comes out from the top, and the room temperature is raised by repeated cycles.

Advantages: The fuselage is much lighter than the oil filled radiator, the convection heating can increase the temperature of the whole house, the safety is high, and quiet running

Disadvantages: The room temperature rises slowly and requires more patience.

Having said so much, in fact, the purchase of electric heaters should also be determined according to individual needs:

First:  Choose the heater with the right power according to the size of the room and the circuit assembly

To prevent your electricity bill from skyrocketing, it is necessary to choose the right energy efficient space heater for your environment and the size of your space. Generally speaking, the room of 0.55ft~0.93ft can choose the electric heater with power of 400~800W, the room of 0.93ft~1.39ft can choose 800~1500W, and the room of 1.39ft~1.86ft can choose the electric heater of 2000W. Of course, the power of electric heaters can be adjusted now. It is recommended that you choose 2000W directly.

Second: Pay attention to safety issues

1. Safety protection design

Such as high temperature sensing, over-Heat Protection, insulation design, anti-dumping-off function (if your family has children or pets, then be sure to buy this).

2. Never cover your heater

Fires caused by heaters are mostly caused by covering clothing, away from furniture or close to household fabrics at least 0.9 meters.

3. If buying a fan heater, avoid getting too close to the wall, as there must be a smooth intake of air to generate hot air.

4. Do not plug in other electrical appliances on the power strip plugged into the heater to prevent the temperature from being too high.

Third: Add some nice additional features.

Special features such as energy saving modes, adjustable thermostats, low wattage, and timers help minimize power usage and contribute to economic operation.

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