How to choose an electric heater?
go to sea! The war on small household appliances i...
Compared with the previous rush, small household appliances seemed to be a little "flameout" last year. The performance growth of some head players was weak, and small businesses were shuffled out. On the one hand, the main reason comes from the pressure of high base, on the other hand, the demand tends to be saturated and consumers return to rationality. In this context, small household appliance brands have sought new breakthroughs, hoping to change the decline with the help of going to sea. So, what is the situation of small household appliances going to sea?
Can slow cooking stick sterilize low temperature c...
Recently, the popular low-temperature cooking method, that is, using slow cooking rods to cook food at low temperature, began to enter the ordinary family kitchen from the western restaurant. But for those who have just come into contact with the slow cooking stick, they may have questions: how can food be cooked under low temperature and slow cooking?
100 billion heating market, "secret war" coldest S...
Typhoon embryos, water vapor and cold air are pouring out. In recent days, many places in China have ushered in the largest rain and snow this year. Under the fierce wet and cold magic attack, the coldest Spring Festival in several years has also come.
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